Fundraiser Focus: Fundraising Success Stories

Merakey Foundation Logo

The Merakey Foundation was looking to cultivate the next generation of donors by finding a creative way to engage a younger audience. We worked together to craft a night of comedy, which offered a way for donors to show their support in a fun and social environment.

Young woman speaking at the Merakey fundraising event.
Laughter & Love Event
  • First fundraiser hosted by Junior Board
  • Goal of cultivating a younger donor base
  • Raised nearly $20,000
  • 150 attendees
Group photo of the Merakey staff.

"A big part of the success of this event was the staff. Our guests were thrilled with the experience and we have already reserved our next event."

Beth Eisenberg
Fundraising Consultant,
The Kimball Group

Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation Logo

The Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation's mission is to fight for those who are fighting, speak for those who have fallen silent and provide for those who are working towards the end of ovarian cancer.

Sandy Rollman Foundation staff standing with giant donation check.
Fox Chase Cancer Reaserch Center Event
  • Meet & Greet with General Hospital actors
  • Seven events hosted since 2016
  • Raised $50,000 in 2018
  • 120 attendees
Sandy Rollman Foundation staff laugh on stage during a Q&A session.

"We love hosting our fundraiser with the Actors of General Hospital. The incredible staff helps us bring this event to life."

Roben Cohen