Five Tips to host a great fundraisers


Hosting a fundraising event is a rewarding experience, but with lots of moving parts and fast approaching deadlines. Here are 5 simple tips to keep you focused through the planning, execution and post event follow-up.

1. Lead with Your Mission

Make your message heard. What are you fundraising for and how will the money be used? Why is this mission important to you? When communicating with your attendees be clear, concise and to the point. For example: Our goal of $1,000 will provide new uniforms and equipment for 50 children, giving them confidence to focus on the game at hand.

2. Know Your Numbers

Set a reasonable goal and determine how many tickets you will need to sell to achieve it. For example: To raise $500, we will need 30 people to attend. We have 5 committee members, therefore each member is responsible for selling 6 tickets.

3. Make it Personal

A mass email or Facebook invite may work, but reaching out to your guests individually will increase the likelihood of their attendance. Be sure to greet and thank all of your guests personally on the night of the event. Handwritten thank you notes will likely increase future attendance.

4. Make it Memorable

Make the night special for all guests, consider what may emotionally connect them to the cause! Have someone who is personally benefitting from the mission speak at the event and share their story.

5. Grow Your Funds

Consider hosting an auction or other such activities to help you reach your goal. Fundraisers that add additional components to their events typically raise 20-30% more for their cause.

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