Chris Gethard: Cardboard Walls Tour - RESCHEDULED - DATES TBD

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Fri, Apr 17, 2020
Sat, Apr 18, 2020

Chris Gethard: Cardboard Walls Tour - RESCHEDULED - DATES TBD

Known For: "Chris Gethard Show" + Beautiful/Anonymous podcast

Chris Gethard accidentally purchased a home with cardboard walls. This is not a joke. It was a whole thing. He's just trying to give his baby son a good life in the burbs, and now he's got all these unexpected expenses since it turns out you gotta replace cardboard walls with actual walls. ANYWAY, Gethard loves nothing more than going to towns all over America and performing comedy, connecting with people eye to eye in that beautiful way only live performance can provide. But for this tour, not only do you get an hour of laughs from a performer you've come to know and trust, you also get the satisfaction of knowing you're helping his kid grow up in a house that's not made out of cardboard.

Career Highlights: HBO special "Career Suicide," NBC's "The Office," and "Parks and Recreation," Comedy Central's "Broad City," and "Inside Amy Schumer," and the upcoming Netflix show "Space Force." Films include "the Heat," "Ghostbusters," "Anchorman 2" and Mike Birbiglia's "Don't Think Twice." Books: "Weird NY," "A Bad Idea I'm About To Do," and "Lose Well." Chris also produces "Chris Gethard Presents..." a weekly public access broadcast of the best comedians working in the New York underground comedy scene.