Vinnie Brand

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Fri, Jun 8, 2018
Sat, Jun 9, 2018

Vinnie Brand

Vinnie grew up in Middletown NJ, the third of four children
born to a plumber and a overly optimistic mother. He attended
Rutgers College and immediately met the woman of his
nightmares. Promptly, they had three children and bills. Vinnie
ran his own construction company and flower shop while
performing at open mic nights, juggling his time raising his
children, working like a dog and performing.

After becoming a headline comic, He sold the flower shop,
closed the construction company and gave his wife the divorce
she was begging for. With three kids, no money and no car, he
opened The Stress Factory Comedy Club while living in a
boarding house for fathers that lost it all in bad divorces.

In 1995 Vinnie met the woman of his dreams, Vicki, while
borrowing her car. He married her in 1998 and got full custody
of his three children in 1999. Then, to round things out, they
added two more children. Together, they built The Stress
Factory into one of the best clubs in the country. During this
time Vinnie had become a fixture not only at The Stress Factory,
but every club in New York City. He has also appeared on The
Rosie O’Donnell Show, Comedy Central’s “Tough Crowd”, The
Montreal Just for Laughs Comedy Festival (Best of the Fest),
The New York Comedy Festival, and the Toyota Comedy Festival.
He has also appeared on the Opie and Anthony Radio show,
(WNEW & XM), The Jim Breuer show “Unleashed” (Sirius), FULL
METAL COMEDY and the independent film “White Chicks”. He has
also starred in a commercial for Direct TV, released a CD entitled
“This is Vinnie Calling” and done various voice overs.

Today Vinnie spends his time on stage all over New York
City talking about the things he knows best, kids,
marriage, bills and family. His unique approach lets him
weave a story that captivates audiences of all ages while
pissing off his ex wife. Overall, it has all worked out.

You can contact Vinnie by calling his agent, Conan Smith
of Endeavor. If you get through, tell him Vinnie is
looking for him.